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Elegant Universe TV show streaming Video

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    Here is a link to the PBS web site. where you can watch the Nova shows.

    You get to see and hear the String Theory Pioneers.
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    Hey thanks, Integral...this stuff is great!
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    this is a tv station? it really goes on air not just over the net? where cand you get it and how exactly is it called?
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    PBS = Public Broadcast System
    It is the only commercial free, publically supported TV network in the US.

    It does not offer the pablum shown on the big three commercial networks, but shows more esoteric subject matter. Yes, this show was broadcast on Tuesday night at 8:00 pm. Since I work a 6pm-6am graveyard shift I am not able to watch it live. This streaming video is great!
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    I live in Australia, don't have a video or cable TV, so this is the only way I could easily see it. It's great to finally see and hear these theorists who I've read about for years and to feel 'connected' with fellow seekers, etc.
    Thanks PBS, thanks NOVA, thanks Quicktime, thanks physicsforums, thanks www.,[/URL] thanks mathematicians and physicists and special thanks to the Al-mighty Creator of this somewhat 'elegant', sometimes strange, sometimes dimly 'understood' but fascinating and challenging universe. :smile:
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    Brian Green

    Superstring theory is fascinating. Last night I watched the first hour of The Nova show online. I'll watch the rest as fast as I can, tonight probably. At the same time I'm reading 'The Elegant Universe', so together it'll be a full dose of superstring theory.

    Can this theory be the unified theory long sought? Intriguing.
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    Thanks ∫, it is so cool! I've watched 3 clips already and forwarded it to my two physics teachers. I'll watch the rest of the clips later. :smile:
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    in the second to last clip, about 1/3 of the way in, they showed an interview with a guy that they claimed was e. witten. he didn t look or sound like witten to me. i think they made a mistake. did anyone else notice this?
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    I believe the supposed Ed Witten you refer to is consistent throughout the whole program. And it does sorta sound like him too.

    Anyways, while M-theory holds promise, I am still opposed to it for the simple reason it is still a theory of interactions taking place in a background spacetime. A theory of everything, and of true unification should be able to tie it all into a dynamic spacetime. LQG takes care of the dynamic spacetime bit, but is lacking in other areas. Ultimately, these two fields should converge together.
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    Brad, take a look at Urs' threads on this forum. There is at least one species of M-theory that has a dynamic spacetime.
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    Yes, I just did a search. That particular varient of M-Theory looks promising, but as Urs himself said, it isn't quite background independent. By the very mathematical nature M-theory is formulated in, it has to be background dependent. To change this, is a step towards that union of LQG and M-Theory I mentioned. I suspect, we need to take a bit more steps in understanding the actual physics before we can truely formulate such a theory. In particular, we need to extract something meaningful and common in physics out of both M and LQG theory.
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    i think this guy in chapter 3 is ed witten:

    i think this guy in chapter 6 is not ed witten:

    he is right before halfway of the 6th segment of the third hour. am i just going crazy? i don t think he looked like ed witten or sounded like him at all....

    does anyone else notice that these guys don t look the same?

    Edit: pictures removed. Img tag is not enabled
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    Different lighting and angles...they could be the same guy.
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    This is a deliberate action for the observer in order to Understand 'M-Theory'..everybody is everybody else!..or we are all Ed Wittens!

    It is about OBSERVER DEPENDENCE, from where you look from?

    Will (not the will from Lost-In-Space :wink: )..the REAL Ed Witten please step forward?
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    It's not Ed Witten, it is Paul Steinhardt,
    a physicists at Princeton who does
  17. Nov 9, 2003 #16
    whoa... OK, thanks.

    so that s a pretty egregious error, don t you think?
  18. Nov 9, 2003 #17
    google turned up lots of pictures of paul steinhardt. clearly you are correct

    i should have known this. i have seen paul steinhardt lecture, i just forgot what he looks like.
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    the next step is to interview lee smolin about lqg in this programme.
  20. Nov 11, 2003 #19
    hey guys... i'm new here, but i thought i'd post a link to dl the show instead of streaming it. just incase it goes down or something one day...
    if this isn't allowed i'm sorry and i'll remove them asap

    http://members.optusnet.com.au/donchichio/string.html [Broken]

    hope that works!
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  21. Nov 13, 2003 #20
    I watched it beffore I even found this site! It was so great I was up all night thinking about it... Truely amazing...(and educational) what channel is pbs is on?
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