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Elegant universe

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    I only want to know your opinion about this book
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    It is GREAT.

    It illuminated some very fundamental concepts for me. I would say it is the best book I've read on the subjects it covers (though I had to read it twice to take in the volume and depth of the concepts).
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    I liked it but not as much as a brief history of time or the universe in a nutshell it seem to take to long to explain things (especially the part a bout if you were playing Frisbee in a thunder storm and all of the sudden the Frisbee turns to a bomb it took up like a hole page)
    But it all depends on what you want to learn about most sting theory or all the other stuff and sting theory at a little lesser depth
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    It's a good book.
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    I found it to be a great introduction to relativity for me (first part of the book). Difficult concepts are explained in ways that are very easy to understand. I have read many books on quantum physics, and found the approach of this book not to be the best (check out "The Mystery of the Quantum World" by Euan Squires for a humourous and illuminating read). And to be honest I havent read the bit on String theory yet, although vacation time is coming up.

    But yeah, it won the Aventis Science Book prize, recieved good reviews and is an international bestseller. What more do you need?
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    i just read it recently, i really enjoyed it
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