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Elementary Math

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    I just started reading the introductory section of Spivak's calculus, and it has an introduction about the main mathematical properties; dristributive, associative etc. also how basic operations such as multiplication arises naturally from addition and division from multiplication.

    What caught my attention was a proof about 1 being greater than 0. due to the fact that
    n square has to be greater than 0. and since 1 square = 1, then 1 is greater than 0.

    Right now im reading Spivak and Apostol's introduction to basic math but I was wondering if there are books that deal with this kind of elementary proofs, can someone recommend me some?

    I dont mean books about logic but about elementary math like the above mentioned. Im having a hard time finding any book about this subject.
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    How to Read and Do Proofs by D. Solow

    of course this is at a much more elementary level than Spivak.
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    Another is The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs, by Antonella Cupillari.
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