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Elements be considered as biofuels?

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    A fuel cell runs off hydrogen and oxgen, would these elements be considered as biofuels?

    Is natural gas a biofuel?
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    Natural gas (mostly methane) is generally considered a 'fossil fuel', specifically gas which is extracted from the ground. Fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gas, which have formed over millions of years through the decomposition of organic (mostly plant) matter.

    Hydrogen is somewhat of a hybrid fuel. It could be collected/formed from natural gas, or the dissociation (electrolysis) of water.

    Bio-fuels, are those which are directly obtained from vegetable matter (biomass), such as ethanol developed from the fermentation of corn sugars, or vegetable oils obtained directly from various plants.

    Natural gas can be obtained from the decomposition (by bacteria) of organic matter. Some garbage dumps produce methane, which can be collected. Animal waste (manure) can also be a source of methane. Perhaps then, this methane would probably be considered bio-fuel.
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