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Elevator design

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    I am designing an elevator system and i wanted to use timing belts with a counterweight. After almost fully completing the design it was brought to my attention that my pulley and belt setup was not the best choice. Any insight on what anyone thinks would be great!

    The top pulley and belt system on the angle would be attach to an electric motor while the counterweight will be on the back side.

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    You picture is not quite clear. There appear to be some missing cable end (or there are too many already, I'm not sure which!). How about a simple end view, showing the pulleys, cables, and the car?
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    the pulley wheels would need very robust anchoring for the way the cables go and not sure you wouldn't get a LOT of slippage with that configuration.

    in many elevators to avoid this another wheel in a contrary angle will be used. the drives are vertical the arresting wheel is horizontal
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