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Elevator falls when I am inside

  1. Sep 22, 2005 #1
    My schools building has 6 stories, I usually have to go up to 6th storey to meet my teacher.
    That buildign elevator is old and it sounds terrible when it moves up or down.
    I don't want to use stairs because I will be very tired.
    I am 180 cm tall, my weight is 80kgs.
    What should I do if the elevator of my school falls when I am inside ?
    How badly does my legs bone get broken ? I am a bit worried.
    Thank you.........
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    Suck it up and take the stairs or kiss your legs goodbye.
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    Hello, thank you
    that is really good suggestions

    But I am thinking, if the elevator is down with v [m/s], ratio for bone broken with a given retarded force f is alpha, knowing that v increase more and more till it and I hit the ground, also knowing that I am with the height and weight as said above, can you help me calculate f that will go againts both of my legs? Thank you
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    OH, this is homework problem! Show us what you have done already!
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    I done nothing, I am looking for someone perhaps who can give me a result, I will do it tomoorow and compare the result
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    Oh, I see:

    "Please help fool the teacher into thinking I know this so I won't have to actually learn anything."

    I'm afraid you're not going to get a whole lot of help with that here- we don't dislike you that much.
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    Holy #^&$ your school has six stories!? I lived in the wrong damn district.
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    Hmm, go rent the mythbusters episode where they dropped an elevator. Actually, if you're really worried about this, probably better not.
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    You do know that elevators have safety brakes, right?
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    is this a homework question?

    or do you just want to know your chance of survival just for the heck of it
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