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Homework Help: Elevator, gravity, weight HELP PLEASE

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    A hotel elevator ascends 200 meters with a maximum speed of v= 5.0 m/s. It has a constant (net) acceleration of a +/- 1.0m/s^2. This means that the bottom floor is at 0.0meters and the top floor is at 200 meters. At rest, the v=0. when going up, it fights against gravitational acceleration of g=-9.8m/s^2. when going down, gravity "helps". if you weigh 110lbs on earth at sea level, how much would you weigh while going up in the elevator?

    Now im assuming the question was meant to confuse you with all that information and the only relevant info is gravity and the weight of the person? Would anyone mind helping me understand if this is correct and give me help as how to solve the problem
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    Note the difference. The person would weigh the same as weight is the force with which the earth attracts the person. But there will be a change in reading of a weighing machine while going up with an acceleration of 1m/s^2. The reason being, that the weighing machine records the normal force it applies on the person.
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    hey thanks i found my answer...appreciate the help
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