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I have been wondering if the UK open university degree is considered as a standard UK degree. I am wishing to apply for a PhD in the first three or MASt (part III cambridge) in near future after I complete my Open degree (Hons) in physics.

Reason for the anxiety:
I have a masters level qualification in engineering (Electronics and Space) and abt 6 yrs of work exp, half of it doing software design for the space industry.
To switch to Physics, I had settle onto Open degree and I think it has been really wonderful, the syllabus being comparable to top notch programs (I did check, but be free to contest!).
I will finish my open degree, next year and wish to apply for the year after (scared also coz of tuition fee hike!)... With some credit transfer, I should get an Hons in Physics.

The starting point:
Though I am confident of a good degree, I am wondering whether Open degree is considered at par with the standard degree, because I have put work on it, and I dont want it all to be in vain! I have some answers from places like Durham (4th in the league??) that they are positive; but Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge haven't said anything clear.

I warmly welcome any views on this topic and also any suggestions on how to proceed...

Thanks a ton for a reply,

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