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Homework Help: Ellipse on x=y axis

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    Hi every body

    I have a bounce marks on a quistion that i know nothing about

    its about the Ellipse

    the Qustion is

    Find the standerd formula of the eelips which has foci on ( 1,1) and ( -1,-1)

    and it has a major axis with 4 units.

    i found that the center in at the origin and a = 2 and i didnt know anything else

    i know the ellips on x axis which has a formula of x^2-h/a^2 + y^2-k/b^2 = 1
    and the ellips on the y axis which has a formula of y^2-h/a^2 + x^2-k/b^2 = 1

    i know how to solve this types

    but the one on the x=y axis i know nothing about it :(

    can any 1 help me with this qustion or at least give me the standerd formulla of this type of ellipse :(

    waiting ur helps..
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    Welcome to PF.

    Maybe have a look here:

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    hey man ...

    englsih is not my language it is hard for me to find this thing

    can u please give me the steps i should follow ???
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    :( waiting ur help
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