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Ellipse,polar equation 3D

  1. Sep 7, 2005 #1

    I will start with ,ellipse in polar coordinates.
    bold mean=vectors
    polar equation:ellipse in 3d

    major axis = a rem:a>b
    minor axis = b
    angle = theta
    info angle between two lines
    1e line : focus and point on the ellipse
    2e line : focus and perihelion
    u,v are unit vector
    u is direction major axis
    v is direction minor axis
    c is vector (orgin to the center of the ellipse)
    rem: center different from focus for ellipse
    rem: center=focus only for circle
    x is vector (orgin to point on the ellipse)

    x=c+a*cos(theta)u+b*sin(theta)v (1)

    ? how can you find the relation between euler angles and (1).

    ? how unit u,v vector related to euler angles.

    ? how (1) is related to real observation on the sky.
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