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Elliptical Orbits

  1. Nov 6, 2009 #1
    Why revolving bodies have their orbits elliptical and not perfectly circular (please correct me if I am wrong)?
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    Is there anything in nature that is perfectly circular? Perfect circles exist in math only.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Because ellipses (technically, conic sections) are the trajectories of particles in a 1/r potential. If gravity had a different relation of force vs. distance, there would be different shaped orbits.
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    Just for a comparison, and I actually wonder about it: Celestial bodies revolve around other objects due to gravity, does the same apply to Saturn's rings too (or is it just like Saturn's atmosphere)?

    I was looking for an example for a circular orbit. Saturn's rings are a set of large number of bodies and they together form a perfect circular orbit.
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    If a satellite were in a circular orbit, but then it gets knocked by a meteoroid so that the direction of its tangential velocity is no longer exactly perpendicular to the direction of the gravitational force, that would make the orbit become elliptical.
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    They don't have one orbit, just individual orbits which are not perfect circles. The average of the individual orbit is closer to the circle but not a perfect circle either.
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    Thanks for the information, and is gravity responsible for their revolution as it is for the revolution of other celestial bodies?
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