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    Heyo, guess I'll introduce myself. My name's Mai, currently in death high school, and as of right now really interested in physics. Meh, I might be more interested in astrophysics, but as of now I'm reading a Brief History of Time by Hawking and it's really quite fascinating. I've recently been doing a lot of research into black holes and its workings, which may be a little irrelevant but physics is tied into the knot as well. School might be super stressful (taking a break from studying right now) but a little gaming here and there doesn't hurt. As you can tell, from my avatar and username, yes I am obsessed with the game Undertale. It's great. Also, I'm super involved in my robotics club, and find programming super intriguing.

    Welp, my little "about me" is over. Nice to let you know a little bit about me.
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    Welcome astro!
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