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ELP2000-82b Lunar theory

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    Good morning,

    I was wondering if someone can help me in this subject. I recently programmed the entire ELP2000-82b lunar theory in a dll. My problem is the reduction of the obtained positions to the mean equinox of date. The theory is referred to the ELP2000 inertial frame. A simple adjustment of the longitude (in precession with Laskar series) is not giving me accurate results - beats me why...

    Also, I noticed a difference between Jean Meeus terms and the original ELP. They are different. Does anyone knows what transfomations Mr. Meeus did to the terms? His results are very good even in past times.

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    I can't provide a link to a paper but I'm fairly sure that Meeus' recent work is based on lunar range finder data, initially using data up to 1995. I presume he has revisisted this since.
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