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EM and Gravity

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    If a gravity well was strong strong enough would a passing E field fold upon itself and generate a b field? or is the 'topology of any gravity well going to keep the same reference for the E-field such that to it's own reference it doesn't fold upon itself and thus there is no difference as it passes by?

    If that reference frame is maintained than what of the external one? if it doesn't measure a change than how does the external frame measure that the field moved thru a gravity well? if it does measure it than what of the possibly induced b field?

    this also makes me wonder if the EM spectrum is part of a larger field that includes gravity. I could imagine then that the folding of the E field then creates or adds to the 'gravity' but that doesn't explain how the gravity well existed before the passing E field. and what would prevent such a an interplay from setting up a chain reaction in which the gravity well feeds itself to the point of being singularity.

    Okay that honestly was the strangest thought I put down in one fluid sentence, I honestly hadn't even thought out to the conclusion of a singularity in that case. I was simply trying to find fault with my idea.
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