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EM experiment video

  1. Mar 16, 2012 #1

    This is a weird question. I'm trying to find a video or TV program, I'm hoping someone else saw this and can tell me what it was.

    There was a mouse or frog in a box or cylinder. They were experimenting with EM fields, very high energy and they were shaping the fields. I think this had something to do with railguns.

    The electrons in the frog/mouse aligned to one side, I think it might have started to levitate but I could be confusing that with a different thing I saw about levitating frogs. Anyway they reversed polarity of the fields and the frog/mouse exploded or otherwise died. It wasn't an expected outcome, but the video talked about it and I think they showed it, but really I can't remember.

    I might be mixing up two different things, but I'm certain I saw something like this before.


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