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EM Field directionalization

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    Hi all-
    I am working on a hobby project to manipulate top load streamers by applying EM fields to the top load. I cringe to reference it, but think of Red Alert 2 on a much, *MUCH* smaller scale. The streamers are roughly 295KHz at 300kV (9kVA NST supply, 8.5turns primary coil & 1042turn secondary) and very low current due to the nature of a Tesla Coil, and I intend to use a polished aluminum spherical top load, r=3".

    This is more theoretical than anything right now, but I am looking to use half of a Halbach sphere , but create the sphere using electromagnets rather than solid state, so I can scale the field strength up, rather than having a static field strength.

    I understand the limitations of my relatively small power supply (experiencing only ≤8" streamers currently) and sub-optimal layout (1/4" copper tubing for primary coil).

    I suppose my question is this: Will the EM field generated by the coil disperse as soon as it extends beyond the Halbach array, or will it be directionalized any significant distance beyond it?

    My intuition is pushing me towards it dispersing like a trumpet bell as soon as it passes beyond the array (even if I were to use a cylindrical Halbach array in conjunction with the half-spherical), rather than acting more as a free electron laser, also using a Halbach array with a top layer to create wiggler magnets.

    Pre-emptive thanks, and please provide ideas for other solutions!

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    I forgot to mention that I'm using a Tesla coil in the first sentence... My apologies.
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    Anything? By anyone?
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