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Homework Help: EM-Force between current wires

  1. Nov 4, 2007 #1
    [SOLVED] EM-Force between current wires

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Problem 105 in chapter 27 Tipler and Mosca for those playing at home...

    A long straight wire carries a current of 20 A, as shown in the figure. A rectangular coil
    with 2 sides parallel to the straight wire has sides 5 cm and 10 cm with the near side at a
    distance 2 cm from the wire. The coil carries a current of 5 A. (a) Find the force on each
    segment of the rectangular coil due to the current in the long straight wire. (b) What is the
    net force on the coil?


    2. Relevant equations

    good question
    i used B= (mu)*I/(2*pi*r) [sorry, i cant use latex...]
    and F=BIL

    3. The attempt at a solution

    The answers are F(2)= 100*10^-4N, F(4)= -0.286*10^-4N

    For the two sides parallel (the 10cm ones),
    I found B(a)=0.0002T
    The other two wouldnt be effected cos they're perpendicular

    ...which are wrong

    Is it something to do with the area and hence flux and shiznizzle?
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  3. Nov 4, 2007 #2
    wait a minute team, you would use different current values in the two equations, because one is the field due to one wire, and the second is the force on the other wire right?? ooooooooh, of course....

    bahaha, gotta love how i only solved it AFTER i posted it.
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