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EM II or Complex analysis

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    Hello all,

    I'm curious as to the opinion of some people here about what is more important: Complex analysis or EM II for someone interested in going into theoretical physics (mainly particle theory). I have a hectic workload for next semester. I'm taking particle physics, EM II, grad relativity, diff geo. I'm also finishing up research from the summer in optics and doing some work in an AMO lab.

    I feel that complex analysis is important for more advanced topics in physics, but on the other hand EM II seems like a core physics course. I last took EM I fall of sophomore year so I dont know if it will look good to be taking it spring of Senior year. Or should I take EM II and complex and drop something like diff geo since I am taking relativity? Any thoughts?

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    I think you shouldn't drop any one math course(i.e complex analysis and differential geometry).A good foundation in undergraduate maths is crucial for being a researcher.And also you might not know which field you specialize in future.You will find EM II is nothing after you have mastered those maths.(you can even learn it on your own).
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