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Em radiation question

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    hi guys, having a bit of trouble answering this physics question. Wondering if any of the experts can help me out.

    Can the electromagnetic radiation produced by a hot gas of hydrogen atoms be exactly of one frequency?
    They say also that the atoms make a transition from state n=2 to n=1 and that all atoms are moving.
    not sure about this one. From what I saw in tutorial hot gases show several frequencies. Am I thinking of the right thing, the spectra that shows from the slit experiments with all the vertical spectrum lines.
    hope someone can help

    oh, a similar question involving state transitions

    A hydrogen atom undergoes a transition from the state n=3 to n=2 and then another transition from n=2 to n=1. Two photons are created due to these processes. Which photon has the higher frequency?
    I have thought about this one all night, and can't understand it. They say two photons are created, I'm not sure if they mean at once, or one from state n=3 to n=2 and one from n=2 to n=1.

    any thoughts?
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    Please do not post the same question in more than one place here.

    - Warren
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