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EM Software

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    Does anybody know of free 3-D EM software so that I can model a transformer?

    In particular, I'm interested in mapping Poynting vectors.

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    Many thanks.

    I looked at the "Ansoft" product & found out how much it cost ..... I would have expected a better GUI to be honest with you.

    Having said that, "beggers can't be choosers" so I shouldn't moan about it.

    There doesn't seem to be bags of help in the SV. I suppose that's one of the things that makes it the SV, not the full-blown version.

    I'm also finding it difficult to use.
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    Hey, I just came across this transformer design software. Looks interesting -- I may try it out.

    http://www.kgs.com.hk/download/Magnetics_Designer.pdf [Broken]

    EDIT -- Here's the source file directly from Intusoft: http://www.intusoft.com/lit/MagBrochure.pdf
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    Excellent! .... Thanks very much, I'll check it out.
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