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Em waves

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    is it possible to make am em wave of length 5(lamda)....lamda=wavelength of em wave...
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    You want to make a pulse with a wavelength that is 5 times its own wavelength?
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    I think he means to make a pulse that is five wavelengths long.
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    Don't make no sense at all. A pulse has many many harmonics.
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    What's wrong with turning the transmitter on... waiting until 5 wavelengths go out... then shutting it off?
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    Claude Bile

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    The minimum pulse duration that can be achieved depends on the spectral content of the pulse (i.e. the bandwidth). Look up "Fourier-transform limited pulse" or "time-bandwidth limited pulse".

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    yes i mean 5 times of wavelength.but is there any difference in energy produced by a wave of length =300m and and 5*300(5 pulse)..
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