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EM waves

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    Microscopic matter particles have associated wave functions, so do photons.
    The (probability) wave functions of photons are the classical EM waves.
    But don’t have EM waves another reality than matter probability waves? Isn’t the wave/ particle dualism of another kind for EM-waves/ photons than for matter? I mean, EM waves consist of two oscillating fields.

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    The E and B-field are in quantum mechanics really secondary.
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    Meir Achuz

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    The four-potential A^mu is the wave function of a photon.
    Because photons are bosons, there can be many photons in the same state so that classical strength EM fields occur. There is no counterpart for the WF of an electron.
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    Ahhh yes, that makes sense to me..thanks Meir Achuz
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