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Email account help

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    sorry first off all if i have posted in the wrong section.[b(] i have never posted in this particular side of the forum:wink: so i appologize. btw it looks interesting here too.:wink:

    ok my problem is that i cant login to my hotmail email account. i've heard that some people have gotten hacked or soemthing, is this true? i wanted to noe if have been hacked too.

    thank you for your time.
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    Please don't beg for an answer. People will help you when they get the chance. The reason you might not be able to log into your account is becuase Microsoft has shorten the time before they freeze your account due to inactivity. If this is the case then it is your own fault. It could also be related to hacks, but what do you expect from Microsoft. You have no control over hacks. Just create another account if this has happened.
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    dduardo thank you very much for your answer and ur understanding! :smile:

    so are you saying that even if a person has the correct password, they will still freeze that account, and tell you that the password is wrong? :confused: :confused:

    u noe, this makes me think, they say that "hotmail" is the worlds biggest online email provider...i'm beginning to think that this is why:
    they lock your account, so that you will open a new one. :mad:

    wut about the hacks? how does a person hack an email account that they dont even noe exists! i mean, my email is like worthless why would anyone want to hack it?? did they stay up all night trying every single word to hack it?? :confused: :confused: :frown:

    thx again!! :cool: (but please help me with these questions too :wink: )
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    There are various techniques for cracking hotmail. There is the brute force attack method where they have a computer try various passwords until they get it right. There is also some html source cracks. The list is pretty long and you can do a google groups search if you want any specific techniques. Microsoft does update their systems, so some techniques may be outdated.
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    What kind of error message are you getting? some details would surely help

    Have you tried logging in again? If so, were you able to check your e-mail?
    And consider changing your password as well
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    Or you could just contact Hotmail support from their website using the form, and have it Emailed to a back-up account.

    Assuming you have one.
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