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Email notification issues

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    I'm getting an email sent on each and every reply to a thread "I am in" even though I have set the "Notification on subscribed threads" setting to "No email".

    Any ideas? I cant seem to find anything else related in the settings.

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    Perhaps the threads you subscribed to when you did have e-mail notification enabled are still set to send an e-mail for every reply. If you check your subscribed threads (which you can access from the quick links drop down menu at the top right of the page) you will be able to see which one have notification enabled in the column next to the check boxes. You can then change the notification type of individual threads by using th check boxes and the drop down menu at the bottom of the subscribed threads list.
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    At the top left of the forum, find User CP.

    User CP (Control Panel) > Settings & Options (Edit Options) > Messaging & Notification

    Review the Default Thread Subscription Mode - and select the appropriate option.
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    Austronuc: Already did that, I'm still getting emails (see below)

    Kurdt: Seems you are correct, a change to the notification settings are not retroactive. You solution worked great though, I can switch for individual threads.

    Thanks for helping.

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    I believe there is a provision to unsubscribe from a thread. Perhaps one can try that if the settings is not retroactive.
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