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Emailing Java files

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    I have to put a bunch of Java files (written in jGrasp) into one zipped folder and send it by email. The problem is that all programs work perfectly well when they are in an unzipped folder, but, when I convert folder into a ziped one, programs don't work. For example, I have user defined class, JPanel, and a program with main method, and if I try to compile program in zipped folder it doesn't recognize the panel name and the class name. It says "cannot find symbol." Class,panel, and program are in the same folder and it still doesn't work.

    If you understand what I am talking about, please help me to find out how to zip everything and send it so that it compiles and runs when other people receive it.
    Thank you!
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    You don't really mean "try to compile program in zipped folder" do you? You mean that after you unzip the file, the compilation on the unzipped folder(s) fails?

    If the latter, be sure to turn on "Save full path info" when you zip.
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    Why not just put them in a .jar?
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