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Embarrasing day

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    Today was rather embarrassing for me. It was my last day teaching a class, and it was supposed to be a fun day; I had made up a jeopardy style game based on content I had taught them, and even had candy as prizes. At the end of class when they were claiming their prizes, I suddenly felt very ill and had to run out of the classroom...I looked for a bathroom but couldn't find it. I vaguely recall my vision going black and running face first into a wall and then collapsing. I finally made it to the bathroom and was sweating profusely. After about 5 minutes I felt better and was able to come out again to teach my next class. I had no more ill effects during the day. I'm not sure what caused it...I did eat this morning, although it was only cereal.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Holy cow! You OK now?
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    What is Hypoglycemia?

    Sorry couldn't resist, hope you're okay now.
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    What part exactly is 'embarrassing'?
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    Yeah, I'm ok...but I wish I knew what was wrong with myself! I've had similar issues in the past (years ago) under different circumstances, sometimes a lot worse. I've talked to a couple doctors but they never told my anything useful. Thanks for the concern. Oh, and it is embarrassing to lose control of oneself in public...makes me feel weak.
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    My sister faints out once a year (each year around same date/month) .. doctors said it happens when her body pressure changes fast or weather changes. I don't know if they ever cured it or they see it as a problem.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Sorry to hear about your morning, junglebeast. Also, thanks for all of your great contributions in S&D.

    Some people are prone to syncope

    You could have suffered a TIA

    And speaking as one who has passed out a number of times due to blood sugar problems, it certainly could have been that. Obviously you should see a doctor right away and have a check under the hood. It could be an indication of an underlying problem.
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    "Very ill" meaning: you thought you might throw up? or?
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    Yeah, same thing happened to me when I was in highschool once. My mother took me to the hospital and they said it was low blood sugar that did it. I had not eatten much at all that day and had been drinking large quantities of caffeine.
    I suddenly got light headed, broke into a cold sweat, and my vision flashed (sort of like a reverse image or a photoshop solarization) then I fell face down. I found out later I had apparently hit my head on a wall first and then fallen face down.
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    What were you doing at the time?
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    I can see you guys enjoy playing detective :D I wasn't doing much. I had been standing relatively in one spot. The ill-feeling I had was a combination of stomach upset and light-headedness (and I was hungry). I didn't eat much the night before, but like I said I did have a bowl of cereal in the morning which does contain sugars. Perhaps my body could not break down the complex carbohydrates in the cereal fast enough leaving me with low blood sugar. I would describe my symptoms exactly as TheStatutoryApe did and that seems like the most likely cause to me...I really don't think it was any kind of stroke as I did not have any of those more serious side effects. I think I might also have some kind of genetic predisposition to it...
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    Yes. I am pretty sure you're pregnant.
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    That was my first thought. :tongue:
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    Yeah, low blood sugar doesn't just kind of clear up by itself in a few minutes. Junglebeast is with child.
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    Another mystery solved *high fives zoobyshoe*

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    This happened to me when I was a kid:


    About age 7. I wasn't a girl, but my mother decided to try and cut my hair herself. She had me stand in front of her, instead of sitting me down. After a few minutes I collapsed in a full faint. She slapped me around and threw water on my face untill I came to, then she took me to the doctor. He said "It's normal for kids his age to faint now and then."
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    Standing there being chastized by my parents. Quick way to take care of that uncomfortable situation. ;-)
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    I'm going to bet it was the kind of syncope described in my previous post. Caffeine actually raises your blood sugar:

  20. May 9, 2009 #19
    Missed that. And I actually had similar problems (just lightheadedness) when I would get my hair cut. I would sit but generally back straight and somewhat tensed for long periods of time since my mom would chat with the person cutting my hair. I get similar symptoms when I have claustrophobic attacks, or what I believed to be claustrophobic attacks.

    edit: I hadn't drank the coffee for several hours actually. I had just drank large quantities earlier that day. I assumed that would have helped burn off the sugars in my system.
  21. May 10, 2009 #20
    Yes, it seems to be caused by having to maintain a specific, unnaturally rigid posture.

    This makes sense, too.

    I don't think Junglebeast had an attack of low blood sugar, though, since there's no mention of having consumed anything to reverse the process. "Upset stomach" with a dash for the bathroom might mean either an impending attack of vomiting, or of diarreha. If the toilet was used, shall we say, for either, and the symptoms then began to clear up after that, I have an idea of what this might have been and why it had happened before.
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