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Embed image into post

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    Is there a way to embed images into a post that are uploaded from my PC? I know you can embed images if you give the URL, but I would like to be able to embed images that are stored on the computer. If this is not possible, I would make a suggestion that if technically possible, then to make it possible in future updates to the sites.

    Since the rules forbid posting images as attachments for the homework question statement, at least I could embed the image into the post itself
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    Use the Upload a File button on the bottom. Once it's uploaded, you will see it below the post that you're working on. Click the Full Image button and it will display in your post like this:
    Note that if you click the Preview button, you won't see it. It will show up in your post correctly though.
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    Okay got it, thanks
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    We cannot access your computer, if you want to show a picture you have to upload it. The attachments here are the most convenient option.
    That does not make a difference.
    The rules do not forbid to post an attachment - but the attachment should not replace the written problem in the post, it can only help for sketches and so on.
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