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Embedded Harmonic Monitoring

  1. Oct 23, 2012 #1
    Hi,I am Vikas Joshi and I'm studying last year Electronics Engineering. I am doing project on Harmonics Monitoring using Micro-controllers. I have some doubts about it.They are as follows:
    1.How to detect Harmonics from Single Phase supply.What kind of circuits I should use to detect specific order harmonic component?
    2.How to give that detected harmonic to ADC channel?
    3.How to display harmonic waveforms on graphical display?
    4.If I want to use Personal Computer as load then how will be my interfacing diagram with power supply?
    5.How to eliminate the harmonic components and what is the position of detection circuits and elimination circuits?
    By the way I am using 89S52 Micro-controller.I can do the same using PIC also.
    If anyone has solutions about these questions then you can mail it to me at my mail address:
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