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Embedded sensing?

  1. Aug 11, 2008 #1
    I'm an EE major and I want to go into a field where my services, or whatever it is I work on, can be used to save lives and protect people. Would embedded sensing be a good choice?

    I've heard of embedded sensor networks being used to:
    - help forecast earthquakes (hours before they occur, not weeks or months or years)
    - I've heard of researchers using a network of sensors in people's laptops to detect vibrations. I've also heard of using large networks of sensors to help understand earthquakes better.
    - combat terrorism (sensors to detect radiation, explosives, hazardous chemicals)
    - I understand that current sensors have flaws, but I think I could help to perfect them and develop large networks of them, which could be used to detect threats and warn the authorities.
    - run structural diagnostics
    - I think this is one area where networked sensors can tell whether a bridge or building is at risk of collapse. It can also be used on vehicles to monitor things like temperature and pressure.
    - run medical diagnostics
    - I think a small network of sensors could help monitor blood pressure, blood pH, etc.

    I mean, this is just a sampling of what I think embedded sensor networks could be used for. The bottom line is that I want whatever it is I choose to do to have a wide variety of applications. So do you think this is a good choice?

    Also, what companies could I work for if I choose to go into embedded sensing? Would I have to work for the government at a lab or something? A university? And where, geographically, could I get work in this field?
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