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Embedded system design process

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    I have two exam question (embedded computing system)
    Q1. write short on embedded computing system design process
    Q2. write short note on specification

    I am confused how to write answer for this questions

    for Q1 Embedded system made with both hardware and software I know about hardware component like micro controller and software component like compiler or assembler

    can someone suggest me how to write answer for Q1

    for Q2 WHAT I do I need to write specification for hardware or software or embedded computing system
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    I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?
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    I designed quite a few embedded systems using HC11 and Analog Devices 8051 based micro controllers. I really don't know how to answer your question 1 exactly.

    To me,
    For question 1:
    1) step 1 of design process is to specify what is your objective, what does the system need to control.
    2) Identify the best micro controller that has the most embedded function. For example, how many analog output you need to control in the project, how many analog input you need to monitor etc. Then you choose the controller that has enough DAC and ADC build in.
    3) Consider how much EEPROM and RAM you need for the firmware.
    4) If there is a communication link needed ( USB, SPI, CAN bus etc.), find a controller that can accommodate the communication link.
    4) Base on 2, 3 and 4, you find the micro controller.

    Finding the right micro controller is the single most important thing for me. The right controller is almost everything. The rest is just academic.

    For question 2:
    You need to write out clearly what is the scope of the project.

    1) Layout your objective.
    2) What kind of control you need.
    3) Specify the communication link if applicable ( USB, CAN bus, SPI etc.)
    4) The power requirement.
    5) Physical size limitation.

    After defining clearly what you need to achieve, a lot of time should be spent on finding the right controller. Spend the time in reading data sheets of different controllers. Try to find one that does more function and have enough memory so you don't have to run data and address bus out.
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    @yungman is right. The embedded system has a function to perform. Start with the requirements of what it needs to do and derive requirements for the hardware and software needed to do that job (rates of running (5Hz?, 100Hz?, event driven?), I/O requirements, etc).
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