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Embedded text

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    I want a type of effect in my text so that the text seems to be coming out of the background. So that the text seems embedded into the background but still having depth and protruding out? Unfortunately I dont have an image to show, I have only seen it a few times. I hope you understand what I mean.

    Is there any way to create such an effect?
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    Where would you like this text to be? On your dog's water bowl? Tattooed on your chest?
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    I want this text to be on my web page ofcourse
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    If you only wanted small amounts i suggest using a program such as photoshop and adding a gradient or something simillar... i believe there is a free online gif generator called flammingtext or something if you search for it, i'm sure you will find it.
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    Isn't that a bevel effect you want then? I usualy use Fireworks, with Eye Candy's "Bevel Boss" effect to do stuff like you mentioned, though i never did it with text.
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