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Embedding Latex in HTML

  1. Mar 23, 2010 #1
    Hi, Does anyone have any references on how to embed simple latex equations into HTML?
    And can it be done using javascript or does it have to be php?

    I've seen websites that allow you to link to their on-the-fly converters
    via <img src="link/latex"> but usually this comes with a cap limit. I'd rather have it
    on the localhost (because i don't know how to setup php =[)

    Also is teh process simply using system calls
    -latex [eqn.tex] [eqn.dvi]
    -dvipng [eqn.dvi] [eqn.png]

    I saw this one example where you always temporarily wrap the equation on the backend inside a complete latex file before executing the latex/dvipng calls.
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