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Embry-riddle or fsu

  1. Jun 15, 2006 #1
    i have a delimma. i can either go to embry-riddle or florida state univeristy to study physics.

    fsu is nearly free for me to attend. however, i will be $80,000 + intrest in debt with a BS from embry-riddle.

    i still want to attend graduate school.

    is it worth it to go to embry-riddle?

    what would you pick?
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    For physics, I would guess FSU. From what many have told me, Embry-Riddle is overrated even if you are going into aerospace engineering.

    Riddle was name #1 in the country for aerospace engineering for schools without doctorate programs. However, if you pit it with schools with doctoral programs, the research it generates and the prestige of the faculty is not a close comparison. However, this is just what some people have told me. I wouldn't take my statement very seriously just yet.

    FSU is a fine school and it will be nice having no debt when you finish. Grad school is where you should really start looking for prestige. You will learn the same things no matter where you go for ugrad if you take your education seriously. There are ugrad students at super prestigious schools that know far less than students at much less prestigious schools. Grad schools are very aware of this.

    Visit both schools and find out where you will be most comfortable in general based on the atmosphere, student body and surrounding city. These factors are far more important than prestige imo.
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    Embry Riddle is very expensive. I'd go to FSU. I've been embry riddle and have friends who go there, they love it. But if it was me, I'd say FSU.
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    thank you for you input.

    please if anyone else has an opinon or who has relations to either institution, please give me some information to guide my decesion.
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