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Emby-Riddle Engineering Physics

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    I was curious if anyone knew much about the quality of Embry-Riddle's master's degree in engineering physics (space science)? How hard is it to get in? How many of the graduates actually end up working in the space industry (for NASA or a NASA contractor) on substantial projects?
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    Also, how successful are alumni of this programming in gaining admission to Ph.D. programs in subjects such as orbital mechanics?
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    embry riddle is a vocational school no?
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    It isn't a vocational school...It is a very good Aerospace good.
    They train....25% of all commercial pilots as well.
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    From the head of Embry-Riddle's physics department, Dr. Mahmut Reyhanoglu: With this degree you can seek employment as a spacecraft engineer or a space scientist in the space industry. We have 100% employment rate. Our recent graduates are pursuing careers at NASA centers, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, United Space Alliance, Swales Aerospace, ITT Industries, and other commercial and federal agencies.

    The graduate school opportunities for EP graduates are vast in diverse areas of engineering and science. Our students have gone into programs in physics, chemistry, astronomy, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, and even medical physics. Virtually all have received full assistantships or fellowships to continue their education. They have gone to schools such as Dartmouth, University of Michigan, Penn State, University of Florida, Florida State, M.I.T., Washington University, and The University of Texas-Austin.

    Please also visit our department website at http://www.erau.edu/omni/db/academicorgs/dbpsd/index.html [Broken]

    and do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions. Dr. Reyhanoglu's contact information may be found at the Embry-Riddle website.

    Hope this is helpful to you, Raman.
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    Any other thoughts?
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    I was wondering about this as well....
    Do you offer a concentration in SPACE Aerospace Engineering?
    Could I double major in Aerospace Engineering and Space Physics?
    I am visiting when I go see Atlantis launch :)
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    The aerospace engineering major at the Daytona Beach campus offers concentrations in structures, aerodynamics, propulsion and astronautics - that's the one you may be most interested in. It includes classes like space mechanics and aerospace structures. You can double major, but you may want to consider an accelerated bachelor's/master's program. We offer them in both aerospace engineering and engineering physics. You can read more details about these programs in our catalog at www.erau.edu/catalog

    Coming down to see the launch? Excellent. We actually get a pretty good view right here on campus when the skies are clear. It's an amazing sight! And everyone on campus drops everything to watch. Be sure to let us know you're coming to visit so we can plan your day.
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