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Emcadero C++ Builder Help

  1. Jun 4, 2010 #1
    I am attempting to bolster my coding skills by working for a Professor who has a program that needs some bugs fixed and tweaks etc... In his advertisment he said he needed someone with C++ experience...

    Now I have been a recreational programmer. I have learned basic and pascal as first languages and have worked a bit VBA prior to taking on C++. I am ok with object oriented stuff I felt I could work my way through anything if needed.

    So I take on this gig and get the program source files and C++ Builder 2010. It seems like a very different enviroment from what I was accustomed too. (I used Visual C++ express) To test it out I did a quick hello world as a console app. What I typed was about 3 lines, what compiled was like 5000!. This RAD does a lot of stuff behind the scenese i guess. The program has whole bunch of libraries i never seen before. I am not sure how to naiviage them and see what I really need. I felt with the MS stuff (VBA with MS office and it was a zillion times simpler to manipulate the ojbects). Now the stuff is like greek.

    So I am lost and up the creek with a broken paddle. I want to grow and tackle this task but its much harder than I anticipated. I am relearning C++ stuff in regards to classes and libraries but I feel even this will not get me to the point to handle this RAD enviroment.

    What can one read to get to this final level of programming and proficency.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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