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Homework Help: Emergency Hw Help

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    algebra 2 linear programming: HEEEEELP PLZ!!

    i dont get it...i cant try because i dont understand. dont try to guide me through. i'll ask my teacher tomorrow. all i need right now, plz, is jus for you to Give constraints and a system of inequalities for the following:

    Sports on Wheels produces skateboards and roller blades. Producing a skateboard requires 4 hours on machine A and 2 hours on machine B. Producing a pair of roller blades requires 6 hours on machine A, 6 hours on machine B, and 1 hour on machine C. Machine A is available 120 hours per week, macine B is available 72 hours per week, and machine C is available 10 hours per week. If the company profits $33 on each skateboard and $22 on each pair of roller blades, how many of each should be produced to maximize the company's profit?
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    hey! plz help me!!
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    [tex]S = 4 \gamma + 2 \epsilon[/tex]
    [tex]R = 6 \gamma + 6 \epsilon + \kappa[/tex]

    [tex]24*7 = 120\gamma + 72 \epsilon + 10 \kappa[/tex]

    [tex]S_m = 33[/tex]
    [tex]R_m = 22[/tex]

    Hmm, I guess that is all you really asked for. Why is this physics though?
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    exactly, what's physics in it?
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    I tried to make it more physics like by using physics constants, and by leaving out a piece of information needed to piece it all together (a must have in almost all physics problems). Economics turned physics, yes!
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    mindscrape u helped me well but i cant read the 1st reply u put in this post. can u type it so i cud read it better plz?

    thank u.
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    Hey man, I'm sorry, but there are super strict rules against giving away answers, and you have made it clear that is the only thing you want. I gave the answer in a funky form. I'll give you a further hint that you want to use that Rm and Sm I gave as

    [tex]M = S*S_m + R*R_m = S*33 + R*22[/tex]

    The M is the maximizer, the money maker. If it makes you feel better, this is not an easy problem, and it made me think.
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