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Homework Help: Emergency please help

  1. Mar 25, 2008 #1
    This is the problem:
    The limit of continuous absorption for Br2 gas occurs at 19750cm^-1. The dissociation energy that occurs is:

    Br2(gorund) = Br(ground) + Br(excited)

    The transition of ground bromine atom to an excited one corresponds to a wave number of 3685 cm^-1:

    Br(ground) = Br(excited)

    Calculate the energy increase for the process in cm^-1 and eV:
    Br2(ground) = 2Br(ground)

    I think I need to use: v(limit) = D'0 + v0 = D0 +v(atomic)

    What I have so far is:
    Br2(ground) = Br2(exited) = 19750-3685 = 16065 cm^-1
    So, D'0 = 16065cm^-1. Then Br2(ground) = 2(16065) = 32130 cm^-1

    Can someone check if I have this correct? This Hw is due in like 2 hours.
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