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    There is this girl who i like, before she used to like me but now she has a boyfriend, and its only now i realised i like her. I dont know if she could like me again. The thing is sometimes when she talks to me, she acts as thou she likes me, but to my mates, sometimes she goes but no i dont see him like that, so im confused. She also sometimes doesnt bother talking to me and saying hi. Some people say its cus mayb she knws she has a bf n likes me but knws its wrong!
    Im confused, and have no idea what to do !!!!!

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    First you have to pick a pitch or a stadium and do 50 rounds, then do 2 more hours of squash. After the cold water shower, start preparing for the exam FOR EVERY SUBJECT. Repeat the regimen for one month and if you still cannot forget her by then, come back for more rigorous prescription. :biggrin:
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    second, if she has a boyfriend step back. You don't want to get your butt kicked, plus it is the right thing to do. Persue her when she is single, never break up a relationship.
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    Screw that mate, go for the jugular on her boyfriend. Start spreading rumours that he has some STD or something. Becareful though dont want it coming back to you.
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    Make friends with her new boyfriend, then insinuate that he is gay.

    If you can't have her, no one can.
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    First, take a deep breath! :wink: Once you've got a little oxygen back to your brain after that, step back and read what you wrote. You answered your own question. She has a boyfriend, and she tells everyone who asks that she doesn't think of you in a romantic way. Sorry, but if you ever had a chance, you've unfortunately missed it. Being nice to you doesn't mean she's attracted to you, just that she enjoys being your friend, or she's just nice because she's nice to everyone. Set your sights on someone single.
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