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Emergent Realities ( What Lies Beneath)

  1. Jul 17, 2004 #1
    After doing soemtime here researching the issues of quantum gravity and quantum geometry is has become pretty plain that we are operating from a area below planck length that requires some rules about the order that would have to emerge?

    Is it unitary, that we might have look to people like Lauglin to help us describe a feature about self organzational principles that we had not realized could underly the structure of the nature of this reality.

    Post Cards from The Edge
    http://www.fortunecity.com/emachines/e11/86/graphics/beneath/BENEATH2.gif [Broken]

    Postcard from the edge: maybe we can never see much deeper into reality than the level of these subatomic particles

    Part of Smolins distilliation was to look at Laughlin as well in his summation about what could possibly be considered from differing theoretical arsenals, to help us along here. So what langauge shall we adopt to help orientate our thinking, to deal with this strange world of uncertainty and bring out of it, a tangible way in which to deal nature phiosophy?

    So here for the first time we can all agree on some basic principles that require theoretical developement to answer from a unifying/unifying principle?

    I thank Marcus for his thread on Unitariness, as it is something I have been holding off on speaking about, and then quite honestly slipped my mind.

    So to help some people along I would have liked to place Smolin's summation( I have not found this paper yet) and paper, for those who know what I am talking about. You might have seen this distilliation process was a good one for summarizing and might have been a good venture for one like Lubos or Baez to project on? Certain mathes arise out of such logical reflectiveness?

    But anyway back to Robert Laughlin http://large.stanford.edu/rbl/lectures/index.htm [Broken]. Such principles ahve been spoken on in regards tothe higg's boson as a underlying factor about such consolidations, that the story of the professor crossing the rooms has certain implications tied to it.

    So who is right from this platonic ideas of discrete function or the Pythagorean string harmonies of nature? :smile: What are First Principles and I have been thinking about this a long time. Lauglin abhorrs this term?

    Historically, such ventures have been inbreed, in our inquistiveness it seems. :smile:

    The questions of what math might emerge from such area below planck length is really a quest to find the math structures that would make it apporpriate, to talk about such organzation principles. So has LQG and String found something that Platoism and Pythagoreans, had not?

    Look at how well these two archetypal forms have materialize in modern efforts? :smile:
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    Is it possible to find equations for entropy for spacetime itself, its curvature and expansion, and to relate this to the entropy of the submanifolds within spacetime we call particles?
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    Assimilation of Model Apprehension as Geometry of Consciousness?

    That is immediate? :smile:

    If we were to consider the harmonical nature of reality, how would we do this? :smile:

    Maybe develope strings?

    Here a simple mind experiment.

    Look around you. Now lets put on your glasses that only allows you to see this energy in all that you had seen previous. How would you unite thermodynamcial issues together with the energy determinations of that reality.

    Woud there be a stronger energy value as a correlation in the density of vibrations?

    lets just use a bubble for instance and the way we can transfer information inside this bubble. Is there a direct correlation between the amount of infomration inside that blackhole and the diameter of that sphere?

    So the boundaries of that sphere and the amount of information concentrated here, are causing the bubble to expand. But this action is cooling in nature so it runs contradictory to what we have understood of entropic issues?) I might need help here)

    The bubble bursts or the bubble immediately contracts? There is a enormous amount of energy created in that contraction, the energy increases from the boudaries of that bubble). Still this determination and the amount of energy calculated is equal to the radius of that bubble at its maximun exapnsive mode. The amount of energy expended becomes a result in the expansitory mode of the universe and can be recognized from the inception of this universe from such a blackhole contraction?

    But trully(?) this has been all about energy?

    Something has to be said about the basis of these formulations in what Lies Beneath? But still changing the very foundation of our thinking in terms of harmonically realizations, what did strngs think would happen when we begin to interpret the reality of GR and the extension of it from those brane theories? :smile:

    Ask any theoreticain, what and how s/he thinks, and how the dynamical reality of nature has become? There is price that has to be paid? :smile:

    In another "time" is might have been much more simple, playing with balls of clay(?) or strummed, calculated note derivations? :rofl:
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    http://www.kettering.edu/~drussell/Demos/MembraneCircle/circle02.gif [Broken]

    From Taylor and Hulse perspective we had to come to certain conclusions about the http://astrosun.tn.cornell.edu/courses/astro201/merc_adv.htm [Broken] From this we are lead to further understandings of something else? :smile: Does one not thnk the pricipals being played out could not have been played out at the quantum level?

    Is there not a organizatinal principal, we are not aware of at below planck length?

    Boson Creation to Blackhole? The whole time we had be talking about things leaving the brane? :smile:

    Weak field measure so gravity to the very strong. If we put on those sun glasses what would this look like vibrationally. A strong concentration of energy? Or a very big whole? :smile:
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  6. Jul 21, 2004 #5

    The geometric view of nature works very well for describing gravity at astronomical distance scales

    So way down at the quantum level a fuzzy approach appears?

    If we refer to the energy( a particle description) how shall we see cymatic views to reality, if not with the strings consideration in harmonical values?
  7. Jul 23, 2004 #6
    This question of whether math is created or natural still haunts my mind, so I am placing another post generated in another thread here as well.

    How would such numbered systems arise if we had not realize a immediate consequence to quantum geometry that would have defined any method arising out of some math structure.

    Consider the marble drop as a probability, and from it, an emergent system?

    Discovering patterns

    So how would we find understanding with Srinivasa Ramanujan

    A neurual synapse that allows a extraordinary amount of information to enter yet it is based on harmonical laws? What is held forefront of the mind, has consequences?
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  8. Aug 22, 2004 #7
    What would A Toe Mean?

    Having reached Planck length, what and how would one describe the quantum geometry of quantum gravity.


    Did Smolin recognize the limitation in Lorentz Invariance which would dispell string theory?

  9. Aug 22, 2004 #8
    Every Gamma Ray burst is a Bubble?

    Nobody consider the significance of the collapses that gravitationally might have been percieved from gamma ray bursts?

    What this means, is that each sequence of events in that collapse can be geometrically satisfied, from a overall perspective(see bubble nucleation/topology) given in the idea of this universe.

    The multiverse theory, would show that the bubble formed from the beginining of each those events(gravitational collapses) and would have signalled other possible uinverse?

    How would this be interpreted in Brane World?
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  10. Aug 23, 2004 #9
    nothing is perfect
    in the space where nothing exists
    will one find perfection
    the perfect nothing

    now about these bubbles

    Imagine, if you will bubbles...
    expanding as they float around
    bumping into other bubbles
    and inside of these bubbles
    is another bubble expanding
    and so on...

    ...and if all these bubbles
    made a musical note,
    as they bumped and merged
    and expanded,
    they created chords and melodies
    and so on...
  11. Aug 23, 2004 #10
    http://wc0.worldcrossing.com/WebX?14@45.GhJDcn8cA5G.4@.1ddf4a5f/69 [Broken]
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  12. Aug 24, 2004 #11
    On 08-11-04

    These visulaizations help you to look at the geometry of this universe from its beginnings and helps to describe the over all events and this includes gravitational collapse that lead to this universe being formed.

    The principal is the same? You have to understand what the true vacuum state is ,and this has been given in the post above this one.
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