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Emerging/Promising Technology

  1. Jul 3, 2013 #1
    I'd greatly appreciate for any advice.

    I'm a rising sophomore at an american college, studying for Physics/Applied Engineering Physics.

    During this summer, however, I'm working, or rather studying, at a venture capital company. My assignment right now is to find an industry/technology that I want to do various research on for the next month--the very industry in which I desire to work as an engineer after graduation.

    Therefore, I need to specifically find a future-oriented one that has very high potential. An example can be a flexible display several years ago; although not widely accepted in general market, the technology of flexible display was continuously advanced by scientists funded by visionary businesses, and now their efforts have reached fruition as many prominent companies started to bring marketable flexible displays into the actual market.

    This research on the industry/technology will also help me on deciding what scientific research I want to pursue during my undergraduate studying. For instance, my school has a great nanotechnology laboratory; however, since I only took general science courses during my freshman year, I do not have any idea on which particular research is likely to fit my interest.

    Thank you,
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  3. Jul 3, 2013 #2
    Work at pleasing the venture capital company; they may have a long term job for you.
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    Implantable medical devices is a truly fascinating field that is starting to take off. You can either go a nanotechnology route (e.g. smart pills, diagnostics) or larger stuff like deep brain stimulators and defibrillators. The electronics and signal processing on these things is amazing. Just an idea to check out.

    There is a lot of amazing stuff out there if you look.
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