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Homework Help: EMF and induced current question

  1. Dec 3, 2008 #1
    The rectangular loop in the figure has 1.7×10^−2 ohm resistance. What is the induced at this instant? See picture below. Answer is in terms of I, like 5*I.

    emf = Bvl
    I= emf/R

    B= [[tex]\mu[/tex]_0 / 2*pi] *I * ln(.03/.02) since the magnetic field goes through the loop from 2cm to 3cm

    then I used this magnitude in emf=B*10*.04 and then used the emf to find the induced current:

    I = emf/ (1.7*10^-2)

    However, the answer I got using these calculations was incorrect. What did I do wrong?


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