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Emf detector!~help

  1. Nov 17, 2006 #1
    i want to ask
    1. is it used to detect emf ?
    is it an emf meter
    2. how to detect
    3. how does am-plifer work ?
    transistor used for??
    diode use for?
    4 if i change other value of capacitor?
    what will the effects of each??
    5. what is the error will be?
    is there any limitation???
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    Well, if the 1mH coil at the left is an open slug, then this circuit will respond to changing magnetic fields. The current-to-voltage converter stage (the opamp) has a single pole 3dB lowpass at around 1kHz, so this circuit looks to be mainly for sensing powerline frequency B fields. Hey, maybe you should offer to visit Buisness Man and help him with his power problems!

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