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EMF radiation / faraday cage

  1. Aug 30, 2008 #1
    Couple of months ago Deany100 posted a note on microwave radiation which he suspected was his neighbour tracking his movements. I've got a similar problem, a home bathed in emf picked up by a device (15 pounds sterling) that doesn't tell me what the frequency is. Great disbelief from everyone, much like the sarcasm Deany100 received. The device appeared to pick up EMF from the ceiling down onto my computer and in a circle around me. The device also went wild when I went up into the roof space. Making general enquiries, I found that what I was picking up was very probably pirate radio and that an [illegal] boosting station was possibly situated near me. I was advised to cover the windows (this didn't make sense at the time). On putting aluminium foil on the south facing windows (had to be strong foil, hung in double layers and NO gaps) the detecting device at last became silent. However, not wanting to live in the dark, I left one room's window without foil. The EMF appears to earth itself through me (it has pinged off a metal tooth, a bit like a bee buzzing through your mouth). Possibly Deany has the same problem and he is earthing the EMF, which his body obviously senses. (What in the body would sense it?) Is his neighbour running a pirate radio or similar ? It seemed to me, that with the correct receiving devices the neighbour could, in principle, track his movements in this way. Would dressing up completely in anti-EMF clothing, ie, creating a Faraday cage, make him invisible to the radiation? (And his neighbour, if guilty.)
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    Oh Gee...I am so sorry to hear this thing.
    Okay.....There might be 2 possibilities...1. the pirate station which you just said.
    2. someone is trying to make a strong wireless electricity devices. ( something like Tesla was trying to do)
    The Problem is for both of these possibilities are harmful to the human health( if strong enough), so my suggestion to you is move out.....
    If its not possible then you might need to create a Faraday cage, but that would cost quite abit of electricity fee....
    so....report to police, move out or build Faraday cage....up to you!
    Good Luck
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    surely most modern homes are bathed in EMF. Wireless internet routers, TV antenna (in the roof), mains frequencies, computers, mobile phones, cordless phones, radios, TV's, sattelite receivers....the list goes on.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, there's nothing you can do about it

    (unless you want to live in a Faraday cage, which might not be all that practical).
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