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EMF wave are form due to changing of current which result in electric

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    i once read a book which says that EMF wave are form due to changing of current which result in electric fields and result in changing magnetic field and repeated in infinite loop :rofl:

    i also heard that visible light (which is also a EMF radiation) is produced due to the changing orbit of electron which result in releasing photon.

    at school, they taught me that when there is a decay, gamma ray is produced. and gamma rays is also a rays of photon.

    and i also hear much more of producing photon or EMF wave.

    btw: i dont know wether the correct spelling is photon or foton.
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    and my question is which one working, why they do and why the rest dont.
    again thx.
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    The Electromagnetic Spectrum is a description of Electromagnetic waves that have wavelengths several kilometers long (Radio Waves) down to ones unimaginably small (Gamma radiation). The shorter the wavelength (ie higher the frequency), the higher the energy (E=hf)

    This spectrum of waves exhibits both wave like and particle like behaviour. The fact that energy seems to come in small energy 'packets' or quanta, led to the idea of photons - small 'packets' of electromagnetic energy, that can behave like waves or like particles.

    These electromagnetic waves can indeed be generated by an oscillating current - this is how radio waves are transmitted.

    When electrons drop down from a higher energy level to a lower one inside an atom, they emit this energy as a photon. For example, an electron dropping down from the second shell to the lowest one in a hydrogen atom will emit an Ultra Violet photon.
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    and so how the quanta is related to the wavelenght
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    you have the [tex]E = hf [/tex] and [tex]c = f\lambda[/tex] where c is the speed of light in the thingy.
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