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News Eminem's New Video

  1. Oct 31, 2004 #1

    Any views on the new Eminem video "Mosh?"

    Actually the purpose of this thread is that I really would like to knowi if all these last minute "shock" election tactics are working or not and do you believe that they are going to impact on the election in any way??

    I think you can dl the video from www.gnn.com[/URL]
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    I saw Mosh and liked it very much. The payoff scene showed the people's army registering to vote, but the video wasn't released until registration had closed in most states. So what gives?
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    Well in many states when you get a drivers liscense you auto-register to vote so many people are already able to vote.

    I have noticed a trend in rappers advocating voting lately. P diddy was on The Factor talking with Bill, Snoop Dogg was just on a commercial I saw today, and now this.
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    Wow...I never thought I'd have any good words for Mr. Eminem, ...

    Edit: The correct link to the video is www.gnn.tv
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    VOTE OR DIE M****RF****R!!!!
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    you know, i still don't know why many people dislike eminem, i mean I've heard all the trend excuses, but they don't mean anything really.
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    Ive always loved his music. No other artist has ever connected with me the way he has. If any of you recall, My avatar for the last year was eminem giving the finger to the world.
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