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Emissions of a particle bound in a cavity

  1. Nov 11, 2011 #1
    I just learned that if a particle is bound in a cavity, its emissions may be inhibited, shifted or even enhanced by the cavity in contrast to a free particle.

    Anyone knows if there are there any papers/sources where the effects of cavities on particle emissions are calculated in detail?

    In different Papers by Dehmelt, Gabrielse and Brown I see the same citation of Purcell:

    E. M. Purcell, Physical Review 69, 681 (1946)

    But I cannot find this paper it seems it doesn't exist. Instead I found the paper in the same year, same journal, same issue but different page number.

    http://prola.aps.org/abstract/PR/v69/i1-2/p37_1" [Broken]

    But that one very small paper contains only 3 columns, no theoretical (CED/QED) calculations.

    Anyone more on this?

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