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Emotion inducers

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    Is there currently any way by injecting chemicals/hormones into the body to induce a specific emotion into a person such as hate, anger, guilt, etc.
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    Not really..

    I think the closest thing we have is testosterone patches - more aggression in all aspects of life, be it on the road, at work, or .. in the bed.
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    it would not be hard to imagine such a thing though, since many anti-depressives wind up having those side-effects...

    for example, it would be natural to expect a nicotinic receptor agonist to cause feelings of irritation similar to that experienced by smokers who quit smoking.

    there are now treatments for opiate addicts that will preferentially bind agonistically to the mu receptors, thereby immediately removing a heroin addict's "tolerance" (basically, it is an instant detox). the treatment is extremely painful though, so they sedate people for several hours until the process is complete...it is also very expensive.

    there are also various recreationally-used drugs that induce positive emotions (love, well-being, etc.)

    alcohol can make some people go into rage, as can PCP.
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