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Emotional Eigenstates

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    I saw some control diagrams for emotions on this website


    and thought it would be cool to model it with a state space formalism. let's take x as a vector x = [anger, sadness, joy, etc...] where anger sadness and joy are quantities probabilities that one is angry, sad, joyful, etc....

    the equation d x/dt = A x where a is the probability of transitioning between emotions.

    x would be normalizable to one. Since A is a probability transition matrix, it's unitary, so

    the dominant eigenvector of A would have eigenvalue of 1. This would an emotional eigenstate that doesn't change in time. All other eigenstates would oscillate or decay for negative or complex eigenvalues.

    A "psychon" would be a quantization of the amplitude in x.

    Granted feeling are non linear and this is a first approximation, but it would be cool to see where this goes.
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    Emotions are subjective, they are not amenable to external quantification (not easily). Furthermore this isn't published work so it goes against PF rules.

    If you'd like to have a discussion about the psychology of emotions by all means do some reading on the subject and share what you find interesting, or need help with.

    Thread locked.
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