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EMP generators

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    Are EMP generators llegal in the United states, more specifically florida? Also how much voltage do you speculate must be created to create an EM(P)?
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    I would guess that they are not, even if they are if you somehow manage to build one and use it, you would of course be liable for all damages and possibly other federal charges.

    The wattage requirements differ hugely on the frequency and intended range. They are not simple devices to build no matter what TV reporters say in their fear mongering.
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    Here's a page on the making of a simple EMP. The page itself does not give details as to the required force of the magnets for a specific amount of discharge, but there are links.

    As Deeviant said, whatever damage you do, you'll end up paying for, so be very carefull. In fact, this design also involves working with explosives, so be extra carefull; don't do it.
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    i wanna do a science fair project on it, maybe possible ways to protect objects form EMPs? i was thinking of making a weak one for testing purposes only.
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    There is actually somewhat strict regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum these days, and you could get into legal trouble if you interfere with, say, the L-band frequencies (~ 1 to 2 GHz which include PCS frequencies). You might want to check with the guidelines of the FCC, NTIA, and other such agencies to see if there are regulations strictly prohibiting EMP of the nature that you desire.
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    how would i check?
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    You can probably go to a website. I haven't ever dealt with any of these agencies directly, and any regulatory info was always "handed" to me. I would check the websites and ask your teacher if there are any school resources for insuring regulatory compliance.

    Actually, I just thought, it may not be that inconvenient to shield the experiment. You can probably get away with surrounding it in sheet metal (and that would add a layer of dazzle to your display). Grounding the metal building would probably help. You can do that by bolting a cable to the bottom and plugging it into the ground of an electrical outlet.
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    One type of emp you might want to try is a flux compression generator. Putting legal stuff aside it would probably be pretty cool however you need a marx generator to power it and some sort of explosive in the actual emp part. I suggest you read thoroughly every thing you can about emps because even the ones which don't use explosives are very dangerous not only to electronics but run the risk of exploding in you face to resonance. exspecially if it's a really powerful one.
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