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Empire Earth - computer cheats

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    when i play empire earth, or most kind of strategy computer games, i see, the computer spends more resources than he has
    like right at the begining, he starts building 20 buildings, which he couldnt normaly do

    so for those who are thinking of beating the computer in a long war , forget it, he will never lack of resources

    and for a second remark, whats the best strategy to beat computers in empire earth ?
    is it by attacking fast ?
    storming them ? i already tried this, but as my army advances, the computer rebuilds behind my army lol
    and im not fast enough with the pc mouse to build at the same time as i use my army
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    My advice play real people on line, at least your sure you're not getting duped by algorithms that give the computer an advantage.

    Of course you may get duped by people who know a little more than you, but it's fun to learn on a level playing field. It isn't against a computer that cheats. They cheat because they cannot win against humans atm, so why no play against real people who can play at a level that will break you, but you can realistically beat and not feel cheated by them having twice the chances you have, and four times the mathematics . :smile:

    I feel that any computer game "intelligence" is worthless, it has no ability to really out think you just out cheat you. Way it must be, but at least with human beings they'll provide ample proof of why you got pwned and delight in teaching you to think like an expert, not like a computer that has little reasoning capability.
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    keep playing and you'll learn. If you're worried about speed in any rts style computer games, it's worth learning the 'hot keys' then you can make your way through most of the game without actually touching the mouse. :)

    Other than that, as Schrodinger's Dog says, computers cheat because the program doesn't have the capacity to play 'well enough' to pose a challenge. Even though they spend more resources etc, you'll often find that it makes non-sensical/poor moves even on the harder difficulties. Alternatively, play World of Warcraft :D
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    yeah thats what i do
    dont tell me you are a mage on this game lol
    because warriors are much better

    when i play with my warrior in AV, im at the front, and i storm the front, advancing as i kill, but i find myself alone with all the enemies, coz the others dont advance
    what is this, to me, you gotta move forward, before the dead of the opposite faction res and arrive at the front
    my strategy is a continuous fast attack
    why do the others stay back ?
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    I'm playing LotRO at the moment, really awesome if you love the world of Tolkien. And definitely better than playing against the computer. You can even play evil characters like orcs and wargs once you reach level 10, which takes about 2 weeks if you don't play that often like me, and go beat on the good guys for fun, it'll be nice to defeat a few people on line :smile: Level progression is initially rapid, but then slows down.

    Sounds like I'm advertising but it is a good game and I really like it, but then I'm a Tolkein geek so I'm in heaven :smile: and of course completely biased.

    That's what I do, my party held back leaving me charging in and killing everything and then I got up to quests captain and he and his sergeant "killed" me as I turned to run I notice my allies were not around :smile: Damn it I'm the leader follow my mayhem !! :biggrin: so close to the prize! The AI is surprisingly smart, they'll run away if they are loosing and return refreshed.

    What was annoying is I'd done this part before as part of a different quest, so I had insider info from another party, so I knew where to go to complete the quest for us all. But my allies decided to wander. Should of had a game plan but we were doing really well until they decided to go walk about. :grumpy: Live and learn...
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    its about the same in WoW

    some enemies, run away if they have low life, and get a mate to help them, then come back to you with reinforcements
    thats why, u got to prepare a fatal blow , or a slowing down effet with them
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    Don't have any abilities like that as such, my character is a captain, I have all sorts of leadership abilities, such as increasing moral(rallying cry) Decreasing morale(routing cry) Doing hefty x2 damage on already critical damage, double hits,cutting blow(causes dmg per round) defensive strike and so on and even some ranged magical ability that curses a creature and increases the damage I do. I can also inspire a fellowship to move quicker. but Some characters such as rogues are just faster than you, so it's hard to follow up unless you know they are about to run, the best way to get them I've found is to do massive damage with the final blow, but that's a matter of luck, If a rogue hobbits going to do a runner there's little you can do to stop him unless your also a fast type of character also:smile: or you have a ranged attack, AFAIK captains don't get ranged attacks until much higher levels, have to rely on a fellow in your party to pick them off with a bow or a spell caster to fireball there arse.

    I got some special fate points that give me the ability to run 20% as fast 5 times, but I'll be saving them for when I need to run away, which on quests that really require fellowships all to often, they are hard :smile:

    I have the ability to summon a herald now (flag carrier) they don't fair well in direct combat but they help out and are useful for there team bonuses, which makes you and your party a little more courageous and a little quicker at least in combat, so that may help.
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    that sounds complicated : )

    but hey, how much different is LotRO from WoW ?
  10. Jul 30, 2007 #9
    I never played WoW, so I don't know, my first on line MMORPG, I will say it's very complicated though if you want it to be. But also very simple if you just like hack and slash.

    Well I say that but the quests can be very involved and you need to think a lot about the best way to attempt them sometimes, and sometimes it takes more than one attempt.

    It's a quest driven game, where fellowship (co-operation from other players) Is very important although not absolutely necessary. It just means it makes it a lot easier if you form into groups should you want to get through more quickly; but if you don't like the social aspect given enough time you can do it, I just wouldn't advise it unless you like a challenge and don't like meeting new people. Or you like to stick with your mates. Their are kinships which only advertise for high level players, where you can get advice etc and partake in group events, kind of like clans in other on line games.

    If you ask me it's the next evolutionary step because it's new, but it draws heavily from WoW in the way it feels and plays fundementally, so I've heard, same control system. It only came out a few months ago, so it's in development, but amazingly I've yet to see any bugs. And have been playing for 3 weeks. One of the comments I saw was that it already felt well tested before it hit the streets. Anyway I'm in love with it, it's very authentic to the Tolkien genre, so perhaps I'm biased, and I'm not an experience MMORPG player so what do I know? :smile:

    To be frank Crafting(making arms, armour, food etc to trade for money) Has received some criticism for being too simple, but to be frank I don't really like it as it's bloody complicated and involves a serious investment of time outside of the main game :smile: ie hunting down resources from other players or finding them yourselves the hard way.

    I just got through playing an Uruk Black Arrow (archer) You start off at 50th level and it's your Job to upset the real life players who are working for good, seems like fun so far :smile: but I'm collecting slugs to feed the orc hordes with gruel, it'll get more involved I'm sure :smile: I even met a good PC although I was not want to fight him at that time, I'd only just started. Luckily he was on horseback and moving very fast and probably didn't notice me, I think if your in the Ettenmoors where the Evil guys hang out that's the preferred mode of transport.


    I like it, time will tell whether it will succeed but it seems fairly popular. If it fails WoW beckons :smile:
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    yeah, as i thought looks a bit like wow
    ive been playing wow since like 4 months

    even if ur game sounds good, i think i still prefer wow, because wow is probs bigger, evolves faster (blizzard is rich)

    but maybe your game might interest one of my cousins : )
  12. Jul 31, 2007 #11
    If I could afford both I'd probably do both but one fantastically absorbing game is enough atm.

    It's a Tolkien buffs dream, like I say it edged it for the source material when I had to make the choice, much darker, a lot more Tokienesque.

    The graphics are awesome so if your cousin wants to play it make sure he meets the recommended spec not the minimum or he may find it's a little choppy without putting it on minimum for everything, so I've heard. They're not that huge, but there not that 1998 cutting edge bought PC either :smile:

    http://www.lotro.com/buynow [Broken]

    Videos and screenshots are here. Sadly you can only view them on the cynical buy now screen but take no notice :smile: just to see what it looks like. All screen shots are in game graphics but the videos are promotional, to tell you which is which.

    The game disc comes on a DVD AFAIK at least in the UK, and is 7GB minimum so it's enormous, and if you want to run it on high spec you'll have to download the better graphics, takes an hour or two depending on your connection. Took me an hour and a half on 1Mb/s.

    As to which is better I have no idea it's probably a matter of taste.
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    1 mb / sec on a download !!!
    me its usually 70k / sec
    why am i in france :frown::frown::frown:

    why does french put so much importance on useless things (art, decoration, ect) , and as for usefull things like internet conection, dont put a max
  14. Aug 1, 2007 #13
    Yeah we're not up there with places like Norway/Sweden. But our lowest limit for broadband is 500Kbits/ second. A little bit less than 70 KiloBytes.

    Of course that's assuming the site your downloading from actually downloads at something above or close to that, but I usually get about 125ish KiloBytes per second or one megabit. Which is not bad, I think the max is 6Mb at home use on my ISP, but I don't need anywhere near that. The US isn't great either but they have an excuse, they are enormous. And only high population centres tend to have decent connections, least that's what I heard?

    There was a bit of a blow out today, some guy claimed WoW was better whilst running around near Bree, and a whole debate errupted about which was best WoW, Warhammer or LotRO. I wisely stayed out of it :smile: I have no idea from what I've heard there all fantastic, matter of choice I suppose.
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